1. The hydraulic automatic draw bench applies to draw forming and length cut of various copper-aluminum profiles after extruding, The drawn profiles have stable cross-sectional size, good dimensional accuracy, improved hardness, tensile strength and the conductivity, and at the same time it increases the material utilization and greatly improves the surface quality of the profiles.

2. Compared with the traditional chain draw bench, It has the following advantages:

    ① Stability in drawing, stable section size.

    ② Controlled by PLC, high automation, automatic drawing and transferring, low labor intensity.

    ③ Ball type drawing die holder, adjust angle by the side condition of profile after drawing.

    ④ Fix length for profile after drawing, save the reworking time and increase producing efficiency.

    ⑤ Low consumption, low noise, clean area.

    ⑥ In drawing, the profile is put on felt, no deformation, no scratch and no oil.

3. Production process

    Place the coil → Straightening and feeding → Pass through die → Clamp copper bar → Drawing → Cutting copper bar → Transport → Convey with roller → Fixed length cutting → Unloading and stacking


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